A sturdy car for a Priest caring for the faithful in remote villages

The security situation all over Nigeria is worsening. Almost on a weekly basis, there is disheartening news of Priests or Sisters being kidnapped, attacked and sometimes killed in the line of duty.

Those who work in rural areas and travel to remote villages to celebrate the Sacraments and care for the faithful are at a higher risk of attack as they have to travel on lonely roads with vehicles that are mostly in poor condition. The Bishop of Pankshin Diocese in Plateau State, northern Nigeria, Mgr Michael Gokum, tells us; “Our Priests are being kidnapped and attacked. The stories are devastating and worrisome. There is the fear of attacks when you travel on lonely roads, especially when the vehicles are not safe and break down on the road.

The Priests and Sisters who work in this Diocese spend a lot of time on the roads to reach the over 550 outstation churches whose parishioners are in desperate need of attention and spiritual guidance during these difficult times.

Bishop Michael adds: “With the current waves of kidnapping and terrorist attacks, we try to do everything possible that our Priests and Sisters in these very remote areas get strong cars that will guarantee them more safety as they travel in some of these jungles and isolated areas of the Diocese.

Please give today to help Bishop Michael provide sturdy cars for his Priests so they can safely and effectively carry on the work of the Gospel in remote areas.


Your Gift of Faith given with love will make a huge difference in the lives of brothers and sisters in need this Lent.

A sturdy car for a Priest caring for the faithful in remote villages

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