A programme to promote interfaith dialogue and prevent election violence

As Nigeria holds its presidential elections, ACN is working with project partners on the ground to support the efforts of the local Church aimed at promoting peace, inter-religious dialogue and preventing election violence.

Fr Peter Akinkunmi, an expert in Islamic and Arabic studies, has been championing inter-religious dialogue in his diocese of Osogbo, Southwest Nigeria. He was instrumental in calming the rising tension and incidents of violence during the last presidential elections in Nigeria in 2018.

Fr. Peter has rolled out programmes such as workshops, radio programmes, meetings of inter-religious leaders and press conferences to sensitise grassroot communities on the benefits of peaceful and fraternal conduct before, during and after the elections. He needs our help to execute these programmes. 

These activities will strengthen the growing solidarity and collaboration between Muslim and Christian leaders and help to reconcile the two communities, divided by the long struggle on the use of the hijab in Christian missionary schools imposed by the government. Peaceful co-existence between farmers and settled herdsmen will be given a chance to flourish,”  he said. Your kind donation will contribute towards building peace and preventing violence in a crisis-ridden community.

Your Gift of Faith given with love will make a huge difference in the lives of brothers and sisters in need this Lent.

A programme to promote interfaith dialogue and prevent election violence

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