A Minibus to support the training of Seminarians

Despite all the challenges of insecurity and persecution, the Church in Nigeria is experiencing a springtime of Faith and this has become a glimmer of hope for the struggling faithful and for the future of the Church in Africa. Seminaries in Nigeria are full of young men who are flocking to serve the Lord. With this increase in the number of Seminarians and the precarious economic situation in that Country, the Seminaries are struggling with the financial demands of training these future Priests and have asked ACN  for help.  One of these Seminaries is the Spiritual Year Seminary in the Archdiocese of Abuja, Nigeria’s capital. The Seminarians do not have any means of transport and the Rector told us: “The Seminary is located in a rural area of Abuja, where there is not a public transport system. We need a minibus to convey students for pastoral visits to parishes so they can familiarise themselves with the pastoral realities of the local Church. The minibus will also be used to purchase food items from distant village markets where food items are cheaper. When the students need urgent treatment in hospital, the vehicle will be used to rush the sick students to the hospital for medical attention. 

Supporting the training of Seminarians is an important part of ACN’s work, as these future Priests will one day become spiritual pillars, delivering the Sacraments to their communities. Please support today the training of future Priests

Your Gift of Faith given with love will make a huge difference in the lives of brothers and sisters in need this Lent.

A Minibus to support the training of Seminarians

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