Help provide care for a child with special needs

The Franciscan Sisters of the Cross in Lebanon run one of the biggest psychiatrist hospitals in the Middle East. They have become the only hope for many children with special needs, some of whom have been rejected by their families due to their disability and some had been left behind because their parents did not have the financial means to care for a child with special needs.The Sisters are currently faced with an emergency: due to the serious financial and economic crisis in Lebanon, they are unable to provide dignified living circumstances to these children in their care. They are completely relying on aid to keep their doors open. In this time of an unprecedented economic crisis in Lebanon, the Sisters are lifting a cry for help to us to keep their doors open and meet the critical needs of these children who have nowhere else to go and no one else in the world to take care of them. The superior general, Sr Marie Makhlouf, is counting on your support: “While assuring you of my unceasing prayers, I count on your closeness, in order to offer our children, most of whom have been abandoned by their parents, a dignified life full of His peace and love”. With €20 you can help provide the hospital with one box of vital medicine for children with special needs.

Help provide care for a child with special needs

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