Help provide aid for a struggling Catholic School
Catholic schools across Lebanon are desperate for help; they are struggling to keep their doors open. There is no free education in Lebanon and due to the current crisis, many parents can no longer afford to pay their children’s school fees. Some teachers are sleeping in classrooms because the cost of commuting to work and back each day now consumes most of their meagre salaries. ACN is working with the Church to help children and teachers in Catholic schools throughout Lebanon. Teachers will be able to receive food parcels and aid payments to help them get by. Schools will be supported with educational supplies, power generators and the much-needed aid to keep their doors open. Mother Maguy Adabashi, General Superior of the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Sacrament has a message for you: “Our urgent request to you today is to help us continue our service and mission towards the neediest and poor students of Lebanon, who  won’t be able to continue their education, if we don’t offer it to them. And in this we count on God’s help and on your support.” Please give today to help Catholic schools stay open and ensure a sound formation of the next generation of Christians in Lebanon. With €200 you can help cover the tuition fees of a child per year or with €90 you can help provide a stipend to support a teacher per month.

Help provide aid for a struggling Catholic School

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